The development of dried flowers

It starts with the seeds that grow into flowers, herbs and grains. These seeds go into the ground every year around March. When they are nicely grown, they are cut by the country’s hand. This happens between June and August. Then the unique drying process starts, where we ensure that the color and quality are retained as well as possible. The dried flow brand of Greenflor, Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers, ensures that our flowers are strong due to the professional drainage.

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Types of dried flowers

As mentioned earlier, Greenflor has a large selection of dried flowers ready for export. The range consists of feathers, dried flowers, dried wheat and dried herbs but beautiful dried bouquets or dried decorations. These species are also available in a huge number of colors. That way you know for sure that there is something beautiful for you.

Dried flowers

The range of dried flowers consists of, dried flowers, dried wheat and dried herbs. These are all available in different colors, from pink dried flowers to blue dried flowers from orange dried flowers to green dried flowers. All colors are really available, but there are also white dried flowers or black. In other words, whatever your favorite color is, wholesale Greenflor has them. Dried flowers can be used completely today and in a huge number of ways. As a solo bouquet or mixed dried flowers bouquet. In addition, also wonderful to process in wreaths, wall pieces or bridal bouquets.

  1. Panicum
  2. Dille Zaaddoos
  3. Miscanthus
  4. Eryngium
  5. Cortederia
  6. Kaardebol / Dipsacus
  7. Amflodosia
  8. Arundo
  9. Cortederia
  10. Pampas fluffi
  11. Chaemerops

Dried plumes

Plumes are beautiful long fluffy stems. They are available in many shapes and sizes. They differ in the size of the plume but also in the size of the plume. Plumes look beautiful in a beautiful vase. You can place them as a solo bouquet, but it is also nice to alternate with other colors of plumes.

Dried decoration

In addition to dried flowers, dried bouquets and plumes, Greenflor also has beautiful dried decoration ready for export. These include dried flowers in a vase, or a bell jar with dried flowers, but also dried flowers in concrete. There are really many options that are wonderful to decorate your house.
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Dried flowers bouquet

Dried flowers are already beautiful and look beautiful in a vase, for example. In addition to a vase with dried flowers, it is also possible to get started with dried flowers. It is also nice to make dried flowers a beautiful bouquet. You can create a beautiful bouquet through a combination of different shapes and colors of dried flowers. Is not making a bouquet for you yourself, luckily Greenflor also has many dried bouquets ready for export.

Frequently asked Questions About Dried Flowers

How long do dried flowers stay beautiful?

If you compare dried flowers with fresh flowers, dried flowers will last a long time. Fresh flowers stay beautiful for about 10 days, while dried flowers can remain standing for at least half a year. It differs a bit per drying flower type or it stays beautiful longer or a little less. For example, dried wheat, branches and poppy will last a long time.

How to take care of dried flowers?

Dried flowers actually do not need care. That way you don’t have to put them on water. Yet there are a few things that you can do on the dried flowers to keep a little longer beautiful. Keep dried flowers from the sun as much as possible and away from the heating or stove. In addition, dried flowers do not rule well in damp places, so they will last less if they are in the bathroom. But if you put the dried flowers in a place with a lot of shade and at room temperature somewhere, they can last a long time. Another tip to keep your dried flowers dust -free, spray some hair spray on the dried flowers. This ensures that the dust cannot adhere to the dried flowers.

What are dried flowers suitable for?

It is actually better to ask for which dried flowers are not suitable. Because dried flowers do not need water, you can do a lot with it. Put them in a beautiful vase or hang them on the wall. In addition, they are also wonderful to process in, for example, bouquets or wreaths. You can do a lot with dried flowers. Also for your wedding, dried flowers can really finish it completely.