Different types of blossoms

Blossoms occurs from different types of fruit trees. In total there are ten trees that first blossom before the fruits come. The blossoms have different sizes and the colors are also different. In addition, they all have a different scent.

Peach blossom

The peach tree (Prunus Persica) entered Europe from Persia, this is also what the tree owes its name. The peach tree comes to flowering with pink flowers and at the same time with the leaves. After the flowers disappear, wonderful peaches on the tree come to grow. The blossom usually occurs in April.

Perzik bloesem groothandel
Perzik bloesem groothandel

Cherry blossom

Greenflor imports two different colors from the cherry blossom (Prunus Avium), namely white and pink. They then get a different name, they are called Chaenomles. The meaning of this name is “rising sun”. The tree can give sour or sweet cherries and therefore also two colors of blossoms. After the flowers disappear, cherries grow on the tree. The blossom usually occurs in March.

Colors Blossom

Almost all blossoms bloom white or pink, it only differs per fruit tree species how intense the pink color of the flowers is. These are both beautiful colors that fit well with the cute small flowers that arise during the blossom.

Pink blossom

Trees with pink blossom are loved. They provide a fresh and colorful accent. In addition, they are also suitable for combining with leaf plants and greenery. The pink blossom comes from the peach tree and the chaenomles pink.

Perzik bloesem groothandel

White blossom

The white blossom that Wholesale Greenflor offers comes from the Chaenomles white. The white flowers grow and hang on long stalks, sealed of small green leaves. The white blossom has a pure and clean look.

Blossom growers

The blossoms come from southern France as Central Italy, due to the sea climate with warm summers and fresh winters, these countries are extremely suitable for the growth of fruit trees. Paulo, the grower of which Greenflor imports her blossom, has his nursery in Italy. The knowledge to bloom peach is unique. Pruning blossom from the tree and then flourishing at the right time at the consumer at home is quite a task. Although it takes a lot of effort, Greenflor is the exporter for the most beautiful blossom branches.

Perzik bloesem groothandel
Perzik bloesem groothandel

Frequently asked questions about blossom branches

When are blossom branches available?

Blossom branches are available when they start to flower. This is usually mid -April. But the precise flowering cannot be predicted. The growth of blossom depends on the weather, the weather is nice and earlier. If the weather is bad, the blossom lets her wait longer. In addition, it also differs per type when they start blooming.

How do you ensure blossom branches?

It is better to leave certain things. Such as when the buttons discolor, you should not cut. If you put blossom branches in a vase, it is wise to put a scoop of sugar in the water.

How long blossom branches flower?

Blossom comes quickly and unfortunately goes away quickly. Almost all blossoms will open at the beginning of April. Then the blossom remains beautiful on average for 14-30 days. The advantage of blossom is that it differs per fruit tree what time they are in bloom, so you can alternate the species with each other.

Perzik bloesem groothandel