Types of green

Green branches and leaves are beautiful for everything. They are super beautiful to incorporate into wreaths and bouquets. They are also beautiful to place in a vase. Green gives a natural look to your house.

Eucalyptus branches

Eucalyptus branches are beautiful branches with round -shaped leaves, which also smell a wonderful. The green branches are extremely popular. They can be used for many different purposes. You can be able to process/placed the Eucalyptus branches in a beautiful bouquet, wreaths, tisses, garlands, beautiful vase and much more.

Olive branches

The olive branches of course come from the olive trees. The branches have a light gray branch with elongated leaves on it. The olive branches are super suitable for a lot of creations. They can be used for mixed bouquets, tissues, wreaths and much more.

Magnolia leaves

In addition to having beautiful flowers, the Magnolia leaves are also very beautiful. The leaves are long and have a little narrow shape. They are available in green colors but also brown colors.

Other green

In addition to the branches and leaves mentioned above, Greenflor has imported much more green. This ensures that there is a super large selection of green branches and leaves.


Green in bouquets

Although flowers are very important in a bouquet, you should not forget the greenery. With a bouquet it is certainly worth adding some greenery. Green is the basis for a bouquet. The green leaves ensure a more natural appearance of the bouquet. In addition, the flowers in the bouquet, through the greenery, come into their own better.

  1. Eucalyptus populus met bes
  2. Eucalyptus exotica bes fijn
  3. Rozemarijn
  4. Olijfblad
  5. Acacia Mimosa baleana
  6. Eucalyptus populus herfst