That’s how we take
care of our world—with love

In the end, the climate must be considered in our actions. Greenflor stands for socially responsible, sustainable and future-proof business. In everything we do as an inspiring trendsetter in the field of floriculture, care for our environment comes first.


Green makes you happy, reduces stress and is good for your health.
All the more reason that all our employees and suppliers work in good ‘green’ conditions!

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Remember…there is no Planet B…!
John de Mooij

Unique products
which your customers
will love.

  • Fresh flowers guaranteed
    Our growers, logistics and delivery are seamlessly coordinated.
  • The most beautiful and unique products every season
    We are specialists in the field of seasonal products and you see that every season.
  • The largest range of dried flowers
    Together with the best growers, we provide the most beautiful and most types of dried flowers.