Tulips species

The Greenflor wholesale has a wide range of tulips. There are several types of tulips in the range, so you have tulips with a single one or a double row of petals. Or tulips with striking Fransjes. In addition to the French tulips (Tulpia), Greenflor also imports the exclusive parakeet tulips and lily pen.

Parakeet tulip

The parakeet tulip, is also called papagaaitulp. This tulip has breathtaking sheets, the petals are beautifully frayed. The appearance ensures that the parakeet tulip is a real eye -catcher. This tulip is available in different colors and color combinations. The flower of the tulip is in proportion to other relatively large.

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Lenel tulip

The liliaulp has pointed petals. The petals resemble those of a lily, therefore also the name of this tulip. The lily definition is available in various bright colors and often has multi -colored petals. This gives the lily aid a beautiful playful appearance.

Colours tulips

The tulips of wholesale Greenflor are available in a huge number of colors. There are white tulips, red tulips, yellow tulips, pink tulips, purple tulips, black tulips, blue tulips orange tulips, green tulips and tulips with multi -colored petals. The three most popular colors of tulips are explained below.

White tulip

The white tulip is certainly part of the list of favorites. The white tulip radiates simplicity. They stand for purity. The white tulip symbolizes a new and purely start with a dear person. You give white tulips to someone with whom you have had a fight or disagreement and now want to make up for it.

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Orange tulip

The orange tulip is also one of the favorites. The beautiful bright orange color stands for enthusiasm. It is therefore also appropriate to give orange tulips to someone you are happy for. For example if someone has passed or has a new job.

Yellow tulip

The yellow tulip is also a favorite. What symbolizes the yellow tulip has changed over the years. You used to give yellow tulips if you were uncertain about a friendship or a relationship, for example. They then symbolized fear and doubts. Nowadays they symbolize cheerfulness and are now often given to support someone.

Tulip bouquet

Tulips are beautiful as a solo bouquet. For example, the tulip bouquet can be nicely placed in a vase. In addition to a solo bouquet, it is also nice to put together a bouquet of different shapes and colors of tulips, with this you get a playful and cheerful appearance. Green leaves can also make a bouquet extra beautiful. Because of the greenery, the bright colors of the tulips come to life even more. In addition to bouquet you can go even more with the tulips.

Tulpen kweker

Watch the video below in which a beautiful tulip arrangement is made

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Tulip grower

The French tulips that Greenflor imports come, as the name already said, from France. Every year importers travel to France in winter, to our tulip nursery. Here we look at how the tulips grow. The special thing about our tulips grower is that the tulips flourish in natural conditions. This takes a little more time, about 60 days. Because of this growth, French tulips are larger and longer.

Frequently asked questions about tulips

How long do tulips stay beautiful?

Tulips look great in a vase, they are real spring flowers. Once the tulips have flowered completely open, they will look great for about 5 days. With the next question we answer how you can ensure that the tulips stay beautiful for as long as possible.

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How to take care of tulips?

You can enjoy tulips in a vase for longer if you take good care of them. Start by cutting off the stems with a sharp and clean knife. Take a clean vase and fill it with fresh water. Also change the water regularly, because tulips drink a lot. Place the vase with tulips in draft -free spot from the sun. And make sure there is no fruit nearby, this is a real killer for your tulips. If you think the tulips get too long and too dangerous, it is best to cut them again at the desired length.