What could be more Dutch than a field full of tulips? Don’t wait any longer to turn your garden into your own personal Keukenhof. Even in a pot on the table, the tulip will do well at all times. Tulip bulbs are always a ‘bright idea’!

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  1. Anem Mistral Cenere
  2. Anem Rosa Chiaro
  3. Anem Extasy White Panda
  4. Anem Marianne Poeder Geel
  5. Anem Bluberry Celeste
  6. Anem Poeder Zalm
  7. Anem Flashy Orchid
  8. Anem Marianne Apricot
  9. Anem Marianne Light Blu
  10. Anem Mistral Tigre
  11. Anem Mistral Tigre
  12. Anem Mistral Shocking Pink
  13. Anem Mistral White
  14. Anem Marianne Peach
  15. Anem Mistral Rosea White
  1. Pon Pon Iglo
  2. Ran Clooney Lambada
  3. Ran Clooney Nerone
  4. Ran Pon Pon Green Velvet
  5. Ran Clooney Tango
  6. Ran Pon Pon Luna
  7. Ran Pon Pon Aurora
  8. Ran Clooney Commedia
  9. Ran Clooney Champagne
Anemonen (Anemone) groothandel - Greenflor
Fresh blossoms

There is nothing so tempting as fresh flower blossoms! With a simple branch in a tall vase, you will immediately have a phenomenal spring effect. Purple, pink or white? Whatever colour you choose, fresh blossoms will bring spring to life.

Eastern Eggs blossoms

In the arrangements for Easter, the Easter egg is a no-brainer. Greenflor has selected for you the most beautiful synthetic eggs in all kinds of colours, patterns and sizes. Now, you can make the most beautiful Easter pieces or Easter branches yourself!


Soft willow cats immediately invite you to stroke them. Did you know that the salix keeps in the vase for up to three and even four weeks? Whether ‘bald’ or with pendants, willow cats are a brilliant eye-catcher.

 Spring Wreaths

Wreaths with spring flowers in them are an indispensable eye-catcher. With a simple wreath. you can immediately bring spring into your home. Also beautiful hanging from the front entrance of your home, a wreath is a classic spring decoration!

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