Hortensia groothandel

Hydrangea species

The Hortensia is a very popular plant in the Netherlands. These flowers bloom beautifully in different colors and scents. In the meantime, a wide variety of types of hydrangeas have been grown. Some of these types of hydrangeas grow up, others remain somewhat smaller. One species has a compliment shape where the other has a nice bulb shape. The types of hydrangeas that Greenflor offer are the Bol Hortensia, Pluim Hortensia and the Klimhortensia.

Bulb hydrangea

The bulb hydrangea also consists of different types. They are so famous and popular because of their biggest round ball screens. The Bulb  Hortensia is about the farmers Hortensia (Hydrangea Macrophylla) and the Annabelle Hortensia (Hydrangea Arborescens). The farmers Hortensia is the most popular hydrangea. This hydrangea species needs a lot of water, it used to extract the water around the house. This is also what the Hortensia owes its name to. The Annabellle Hortensia is also known as the Boom Hortensia. It is not clear where the name of this hydrangea comes from. This hydrangea type is a popular species because it grows on new wood. This ensures that you can completely prune the hydrangea every year.

Plume hydrangea

The unique thing about the PLUIM Hortensia (Hydrangea Paniculata) is the growth of the head. This hydrangea grows in a long plumes that are right on it, this is different from the normal round flowering of a hydrangea. What also makes this beautiful hydrangea unique is the fact that this hydrangea can be a very long time. The height of the Pluim Hortensia lights between 1.5 meters and 3 meters.

Hortensia groothandel
Hortensia groothandel

Colors hydrangea

There are different types of hydrangeas, the species mainly differ in color. The possibilities consist of white hydrangeas, blue hydrangeas, purple hydrangeas pink hydrangeas red hydrangeas and green hydrangeas. The acidity of the bottom in which the hydrangea grows determines the color of the flower.

Blue hydrangea

Flowers with a blue color are one of the rarest flowers in the world. Blue flowers bring a message of love and desire. The blue hydrangea is a beloved and famous bush. You have the blue hydrangea in striking and lively colors, but they also come in dark blue species. The blue tones of the hydrangea is determined by the quality of the soil.

White hydrangea

A white hydrangea stands out nicely and has a fresh look. Due to the beautiful white color, the hydrangea can be combined with. The most famous white hydrangea is the Snowball Hortensia, this is also the most popular hydrangea in the Netherlands. This hydrangea is known for its beautiful, large, white circular flowers.

Pink hydrangea

The pink hydrangea stands for romance, tenderness, joy, modesty, sweetness and softness. You have the pink hydrangeas in different variants. For example, they go from soft pink to deep pink, but also some pink-reder color. The young bush starts with a light pink-yellow color and as it gets parent, the hydrangea goes deeper.

Green hydrangea

The green hydrangea is the Pluim Hortensia. This hydrangea is also called Limelight and refers to the color of this plant. The Pluim Hortensia has a fresh, green-white color.

Hortensia groothandel
hortensia kweker

Jardin Hortence

The hydrangeas are soaked in Greenflor’s own hydrangea grower: Jardin Hortence. The nursery is located in Pommerik Jaudy. This place is located near the coast in the Brittany region. The beauty of the French country, the favorable climate and the passion with which is grown makes this a unique place. In recent years, modernization and renewal have been focused, of which the benefits are now being reaped. This results in delicious hydrangeas!


The hydrangeas are cut by hand piece by piece. Then they go in large wheelbarrows and then they are checked and sorted out in the shed. This way we deliver the best of the best! They are then cut off on a certain length, put on water and brought to the Netherlands as quickly as possible. The hydrangeas are therefore imported from France, to the Netherlands. So that we can bring them to the customers as a flower exporter.

hortensia kweker
hortensia groothandel

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it best to buy a hydrangea?

This answer differs per hydrangea type. There are hydrangeas that are in bloom in both spring and summer, but there are also variants of this plant that grow only a few weeks a year. This is how the Bol Hydrensia grows from late spring to midsummer. The flowering period of the Pluim Hortensia starts at the end of summer until middle fall. Finally, the climbing hydrangea flourishes in August and September.