The range of peonies at wholesale Greenflor has expanded once again, with a wonderful variety of colours, from soft pastels to vibrant pops of colour. From elegant, folded buds to lush explosions of floral splendour. And above all, let’s not forget that the Peony of the Week is the Command Performance, ready to shine in your arrangements.

Peony Commend Performance

Throughout the peony season, the beautiful peony Command Performance flaunts itself. Few flowers can match the size and volume of this lush, bulbous peony. With its striking colour change, the Command Performance peony is also affectionately called ‘the magic ball’.

This hybrid, double peony undergoes a remarkable transformation from bright red to deep orange within two weeks, then to subtle peach and soft cream, finally ending in a stunning white flower.

Commend Performance

Flowering time Peony Commend Performance

The flowering period of the peony Commend Performance usually extends over a period of two months, mainly during May and June. However, as with many flowers, the flowering period is heavily influenced by the vagaries of weather conditions. At Greenflor, we carefully source our peonies from Holland; France and Romania, taking into account the quality and variety of each region. Due to differences in weather, flowering time is not the same for every peony, and this can also depend on the specific variety.

Command Performance is available throughout the season, but especially prominent at its end, making it the perfect finale to the peony season.

Varieties of Peonies

Every spring, peonies bloom again in a wealth of over a thousand varieties and sizes. At Greenflor, we nurture a deep love for peonies, which is why we will introduce a new variety every week. In short, welcome the ‘Peony of the Week’, where we highlight the beauty of different varieties of peonies.