A golden yellow mountain sparkles in the afternoon sun of the Côte d’Azur. On one side views of the clear blue Mediterranean, on the other snow-covered slopes. The mountain that world-famous movie stars look up to from celebrity hotspot Cannes. And the golden yellow scene of countless television shoots and productions for famous fashion brands. The largest mimosa nursery in France is not a rural field, but a fertile mountain range full of golden yellow splendor!


A leading mimosa nursery

“Some 95% of the world’s mimosa production takes place between Nice (FR) and San Remo (IT),” Greenflor buyer and sourcing expert Marc van Graas tells us. The picturesque towns of Pégomas and Mandelieu-la-Napoule (FR) are therefore the mimosa capitals of the Côte d’Azur. The local flower parade, Fête du Mimosa and other mimosa-related events attract many tourists to this region every spring. We drive with Marc further up the mountain, past deep valleys full of sun-drenched trees and blue-green fields of eucalyptus, in search of the nearly 70-year-old nurseryman Jean Pierre Reynaud. His nursery, J.P.R. Productions, is now the leading player in the world of mimosa, but started over 100 years ago as a small business set up by Jean Pierre’s incisive mother.

A nursery with mimosa history

Smart innovations such as automation and industrialization, as well as being the very first to package on water instead of in boxes and setting up custom made orders. With hard work and a solid dose of common sense, the Raynaud family ensured that their company grew into the largest mimosa nursery in France. Both the company and the mountain are passed on from generation to generation. A real family business where everyone works together and where the old production area has even been transformed into a real company museum full of history. The place is full of the most fragrant mimosa perfumes, soaps and candles. This family knows how to turn these golden yellow, fragrant flowers into thriving business.


100 tons of mimosa

Today some 25 hectares of the immense mountain are planted with mimosa and all kinds of eucalyptus, from cinerea to populus, baby blue, gunni and nicoli. The yellow trees are already 20 years old, but are pruned back completely every year and still produce immense quantities of beautiful golden yellow fluffy flowers. To this day, cutting is done by hand and Jean Pierre’s team of some 10 mimosa experts is always looking for the best branches with the most beautiful flowers. The mimosa season is short, from New Year to Women’s Day. In just under 3 months, this family cuts and sells over 100 tons of mimosa. Year-round, the eucalyptus product of this nursery additionally accounts for some 100 tons of wonderfully fragrant blue-green branches, grower Jean Pierre tells us. A wonderful combination of top products with stunning views.

A golden collaboration

Marc has known the inspired grower Jean Pierre, a thoughtful 69-year-old man with yellow working hands, for more than 35 years. The men have a partnership to be proud of. Greenflor’s customers are only too happy to enjoy our French mimosa assortment, which includes branches up to 2 meters long! With the right treatment, a bunch of mimosa stays fresh for up to a week, full of colors and fragrances. Mimosa is therefore the perfect flower to bring spring into your home.


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