In the sun-drenched hills of Italy and France, our anemones are grown in authentic yet modern ways. What began as modest family farms has grown into thriving, professional nurseries, while still maintaining their unique attention to detail. This combination of traditional values and modern methods is the essence of our Italian and French partner nurseries, which year after year play an indispensable role in anemones from Greenflor range

anemonen van greenflor

Growing and blooming

In the greenhouses in which Greenflor’s anemones are grown, every aspect of the growing process is carefully managed. The design of the greenhouses is optimized to provide the perfect balance of sunlight and ventilation. In addition, the fertile soil is enriched with natural fertilizer. This rich nutrient soil provides the plants with all the essential nutrients they need to reach full bloom. Even water consumption is closely optimized. Every drop of water given to the anemones is measured with precision. This contributes to a healthy root system and promotes lush blooms. Thanks to all this, the anemones bloom sustainably and exuberantly, making them a feast for the eyes.

50 shades of anemones from Greenflor

Our two absolute bests in the range, the anemone ‘Marianne’ and ‘Mistral’, are truly enchanting. The Marianne attracts immediate attention with its striking appearance and is available in a wide range of beautiful colors, including classic blue, soft lilac, pure white, vibrant red and subtle pastel shades. The Mistral, also known as the “Clooney” of anemones, is equally impressive. Her imposing stem and lush flowers are a real treat for the eyes. These beautiful anemones find their way from southern Europe, where they are lovingly grown by the partner nurseries of flower wholesaler Greenflor. From Southern Europe, these beautiful anemones find their way to wholesalers, weddings, events and florists around the world via flower wholesaler Greenflor!

anemonen van greenflor

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