Colorful tulips, the iconic flowers that herald the arrival of spring and enchant our senses with their vibrant colors and enchanting beauty. A world of color and variety unfolds behind these humble petals. Flower wholesaler Greenflor takes you on an enchanting journey to discover this diversity.

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A thriving partnership with Retail Flowers & Plants

Greenflor’s team steps inside flower partner Retail Flowers & Plants, The tulip epicenter grown from the company Jack Heeringa BV. The Jack Heeringa label is part of Retail flowers & plants and focuses on the production of tulips, peonies and glaminis. Tulip season is in full swing, with the first flowers shooting out of the ground from mid-December to early May. A veritable sea of flowers is created to meet the growing demand. Every year, Retail Flowers & Plants processes more than 10 million mixed tulips, driven by unparalleled passion. Meanwhile, they market approximately 85,000,000 – 90,000,000 tulips in total.

With nearly 50 years of experience in the flower industry, Jack Heeringa is responsible for tulip, auction and FSM sales. Almost a living encyclopedia. Originally a tulip grower, he struck out on a new path with his son Jack Jr. driven by their shared passion for flowers. This led to a specialization in flower trading, with a focus on (indirect) retail customers, mainly in Denmark. With a clear ambition to grow and further specialize in the promotion, production and sale of popular seasonal flowers, they continue to challenge and innovate themselves within the thriving flower industry. These growing ambitions are supported by ever closer cooperation with the source, namely the grower.

A wide range of colorful tulips varieties

Retail Flowers & Plants’ tulip assortment is quite diverse. Jack SR says ”they offer six different varieties of the mixed tulips, each with their own unique characteristics and charm”. From single mixed tulips to extra quality mixed tulips, and from pastel colors to the enchanting parakeet varieties. In the peak season, the company processes as many as 80 million mixed and mono bunches. .

Thanks to its unique processing belt, Retail Flowers & Plants can now process 18,800 tulips per hour. This also allows them to properly meet customer demand, including the processing of about 15,000,000 mixed tulips.

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Collaboration with Greenflor

Flower wholesaler Greenflor and business partner Retail Flowers & Plants work closely together, especially during such busy periods . This synergy ensures seamless coordination and efficient processing of the flowers. As a result, the tulips reach our customers faster and therefore fresher.

Creative touch with tulips

With the beautiful variety of tulips, Greenflor offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Use a beautiful tulip vase and add different types of tulips along with refreshing mimosas or elegant Easter branches, and the Dutch passion for flowers comes to life. Share the joy of colors and flowers with Greenflor’s enchanting tulips!

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Discover Greenflor’s assortment and be surprised by the world of colorful tulips!