Dried pampas grass

Originally Pampasgras (Cortederia Solloana) comes from southern Zuid-Aerkia, and then from the Pampas region. So this is also where the name Pampasgras comes from. From the 70s it is also planted in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. It was then planned as a decorative grass and is intended for decorative purposes. To use pampas grass as decoration, it is first dried. This way the dried feathers stay beautiful for much longer.

Colors Pampas grass

The natural color of pampas grass is a natural cream brown color. But after pampas grass is dried, it can be sprayed in all desired colors. This also creates white pampas grass or pink pampas grass, really all the colors you can imagine. This allows you to add calm natural colors to your house or bright colors to give atmosphere.

Pampas grass in your interior

Pampas grass fits beautifully in your interior in a beautiful vase. In combination with a vase, the pampas grass can become a real eye -catcher. What vase you choose has an impact on the appearance. For example, a large vase increases the height of the pampas grass or a beautiful lugge of vase that gives the natural effect and shows the beautiful pampas grass. With pampas grass you can perfectly decorate a dark space by combining pampas grass in different shades and thus creating a real wow effect. Pampas grass is beautiful as a solo booklet, but also very nice in combination with other dry flowers. In addition, the dried feathers are beautiful to incorporate into wreaths.

Frequently asked questions about Pampus

How long will pampas grass stay beautiful?

How long pampas grass stays beautiful depends a bit on the circumstances in which the plumes stored words. Most feathers last for 3 years, so this is very long. At the end they will lose a little volume, but due to the pampas plumes not close to a window or put it directly in the sunlight, they will remain beautiful for as long as possible.

How to take care of pampas grass?

In addition to avoiding sunlight, there are more tips to keep your pampas grass beautiful for as long as possible. For example, start by shaking the plumes, most useful if you do this outside, so all the unloading plumes are released. Then you can cut the plumes to desired length and carefully arrange how you want them. If the plumes are completely to your liking, it is good for the plumes to spray them with hair spray. In this way everything stays in place. In addition, it is wise to fulfill the plumes. You can do this by carefully shaking out the plumes outside, in this way you shake the dust away. Benevel then again with hair spray so that the plumes retain their fullness.

Has pampas grass been been traced for weddings?

Pampas grass, or Cortaderia is an ideal product for your wedding. As a wholesaler for dry flowers, Greenflor is an expert in the field of pampas grass. In other words, the perfect dry flower is for your wedding. Want to know more about this?